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CDyC 2018 communications published


Welcome to the VI International Congress of Dance, Research and Education: Dance and Communication. This edition will revolve around the communicative aspect of dance in the audiovisual, journalistic, musical, scenographic and educational environments.

As an innovative aspect with regard to the past editions, we can highlight the transversal integration of these environments in the distribution of the conference tables, being able to perceive the flamenco art, the historical conception, the technological aspect and the didactic scope as interwoven elements in most of the sessions.

Thanks to the globalizing character of this VI Congress, we have managed to gather a series of experts that, from their own field of action and research, will present their studies and experiences, enabling us to obtain a more precise idea regarding the thematic protagonist.

The multidisciplinary approaches that will be made by several speakers aim to attract researchers and professionals from different fields of study whose interest in relating their own subject to dance results well in the presentation of communication proposals or in attendance.

The hope to carry out and realize this project has been a challenge for all of us. A challenge that would not have been possible without the unconditional support of the University of Málaga, which every year bets heavily on the dance, managing to turn this Dance, Research and Education Congress into a place of reference and meeting between experts. s relacionad * s with this scientific-artistic field.

Likewise, we would like to show our gratitude to the external entities that are joining this project and make it possible for it to spread and grow more and more: Unicaja Foundation, Fiver International Screen Movement Festival, Diputación de Málaga and Ventana Abierta.

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Outstanding Achievement in Dance Film Award


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